What do I do first after I have had a home or office fire?

After the fire department has cleared the property for re-entry the next step after you have had a home or office fire and fire damage is to call your insurance agent to file a claim. Once we have been contacted, R. E. McClellen Construction will send an estimator out to inspect and estimate the fire and/or smoke damage. Following the inspection, an estimate will be written and submitted to your insurance company. Once the estimate is approved, work may begin.

What do I do first when I have had water damage to my home or office?

The first step when you suspect water damage is to call your insurance agent and file a claim. Once the claim is submitted, R.E. McClellen Construction will send an estimator out to inspect and estimate the water damage. An estimate will be prepared and submitted to you and your insurance company. Once approved, work may begin.

Will you work with our insurance company?

Yes! We provide a detailed estimate and submit it to your insurance company. Once approved and we have a signed work authorization and receive an initial payment, we can begin work to repair your fire or water damage. Prior to estimate approval, we will work with your insurance on the estimate if needed.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and most credit cards (Please note: a 3% surcharge will be applied).  We also offer a 3rd party financing, if interested.

How does payment with my insurance company work?

Since every situation is different, our office staff will be happy to answer questions more specifically pertaining to you, your home, and your policy plan. We can handle the insurance paperwork and deal directly with most insurance carriers.

Are estimates free?

Most insurance related estimates are free. Estimates for other reasons will be billed at estimator's discretion.

Can water damage be hidden?

Absolutely! More often than not, you won't notice water damage is occurring until the need for repairs has become very obvious. Signs of hidden water damage can be as simple as an unpleasant odor or slight staining on your wall or ceiling. Peeling paint, a warped wall or floor, or mold growth may also tip you off to a leak that is causing water damage. If you notice any of these subtle signs, call R. E. McClellen Construction for an inspection of your home or office.

How much does it cost to fix fire or water damage?

Prices can vary depending on the severity of the fire or water damage and the amount of work involved in the fire or water restoration process. Of course, you can always find the cheapest worker, but when it comes to your home or office, is that really the route you want to go? Or do you want someone with experience and expertise guiding you so you can trust the work that is being done? Experience really does matter when it comes to something as important as the restoration and remodeling of your home.

What if I want to do some remodeling with my restoration project?

This is actually quite common! Many homeowners dream of remodeling a kitchen or bath and while restoration work is being done on one area of the house, they decide it is a good time to do the long awaited remodel. Simply talk with your estimator from R. E. McClellen Construction when he comes out to estimate the fire or water damage, and a separate estimate for your remodel ideas can easily be drawn up. In fact, our estimators are great at helping you with your ideas if you are unsure what is even possible.

Looking for an exterior or interior upgrade to your home?

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