Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

There are many scenarios that cause water damage to your home or business.  For over 25 years, R.E. McClellen Construction, Inc. has restored thousands of fire, water and weather damaged homes and properties. Knowing you are in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing and are as concerned with the outcome as you are is one of the most important aspects of any restoration project. Damage to your home or business can be devastating.

Recognizing that water damage causes a devastating setback to families or businesses; we do whatever it takes to give back that sense of security with minimal disruption. Our recovery and restoration process is aimed at property and people. We are a water damage repair company you can rely on to minimize the impact of flooding and water damage.

Water is the single most long-term destructive substance in the indoor environment. Excess moisture or flooding can cause structures and personal property to rapidly deteriorate. The problem becomes more serious when the water is unsanitary or clean-up services are delayed.

Our professionals identify the full extent of moisture damage, both obvious and unseen, by using sensors such as moisture detectors and hygrometers. Meanwhile, we help homeowners overcome their feeling of helplessness by explaining the process in a way that they can understand what is happening, what to expect, and what they can do. We are here to not only restore your property or home, but also your quality of life. 

Even though the damage may look severe, cleanup and restoration can produce amazing results. R.E. McClellen Construction proudly serves residential and commercial property owners in Tarrant, Parker, Johnson and Hood counties.  Our team has years of experience estimating property damage and the repairs required. During an insurance appraisal process or dispute resolution, our expertise can be an invaluable help. Our team provides estimating and consulting services for most Metroplex areas and surrounding counties.